Elevator wire rope snapped, causing the death of one woman

20130219 Metro Kabel Putus Nyawa Tercabut 02

DATE: 15th Feb 2013
LOCATION: Malaysia Royal Navy apartment block A25, Lumut, Malaysia.
PERONS INVOLVED: Zamelia Isharuddin, 38. Housewife (Death), Family of late Mdm. Zamelia
FATALITY: 1 death

CAUSE (From News)

The victim was a housewife.  She entered the lift at 5th floor of the apartment to go down to the ground floor. On the way down, the wire rope carrying the lift snapped, causing the lift to plummet down. (5 floor drop) Other than that, the snapped wire rope even whipped the women on the head and the back of her neck. She died at the hospital later on.

The wire rope was found to be very old and corroded.

According to early investigations, the lift was found to be properly maintained, and the last maintenance was on August 2012 last year.

CAUSE (Expert Report)
A team of expert and the fire department is formed to investigate this incident.

Police, Fire department, Malaysia Royal Navy.

Approach the department of safety and health (DOSH), and then propose a new regulation for lift users to ensure that all wire ropes on lifts are checked regularly.

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