About Us

We are the premiere service provider for Non-Destructive Test of Wire Rope Inspection based in Singapore with track record exposure in Asia Pacific Regions.

We specialised in a range of in-situ steel wire rope inspection on Quay Crane, Cable Car, Oil Rig Cranes and other amusement rides worldwide.

Our Advanced Portable Wire Rope Inspection Device operates on a “Controlled Magnetic Field Sensing” principle. This allows our Device to be light weight and highly portable.Our Device is capable of detecting LF and LMA Defects (or Flaws) more precisely and accurately with minimum background noise as compared to conventional (Strong) magnet NDT devices and conforms to ASTM 1571 Standard.

Engineered for maximum permeability that can detect internal wire breakage consistently, our inspection devices can detect both internal and external flaws such as Broken Wire, Abrasion, Corrosion and Fatigue.

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